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Suzhou Hipro Polymers Co.Ltd’s Hiprolon® Certified By USDA Bio Preferred

Suzhou Hipro Polymers Co.Ltd , a leading enterprise specialized in production and marketing of bio-renewable high performance polyamides,announced on 9/1/2011 that the company’s products Hiprolon® has passed Department of Agriculture of United States BioPreferred attestation and acquired the label usage right:Hiprolon® 200 contains 100% bio based content, and Hiprolon® 400 contains 45% bio based content .

Passing the USDA Bio Preferred certification, suzhou hipro will better prompt its bio-based high performance nylon products to various industrial application. And it is also one significant step to improve its product recognition to end users world-widely and will help to attract more attention from brand owners of consumer products to select and purchase the bio-based products.

Overview of USDA BioPreferred


USDA BioPreferred certification program has two major implications: to increase consumer acceptance of bio-based products and to increase ernterprises’ buying preference of them.Project certification requirements: nylon products are detected at least biobased content of not less than 25%,In order to pass the certification,Hipro sent test samples PA1010, PA1012 to Beta Analytic USA (United States Department of Agriculture only authorized testing laboratory) to test the two products in C14 levels (the amount of bio-based content). Test results show that: Hipro Polymers Co Ltd. PA1012 biobased content of 45 percent. The PA1010 test samples were given 100% (all bio-based materials) and the highest rating.

Overview of Hipro Polymers Co.,Ltd
Suzhou Hipro Polymers Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise specialized in production and marketing of high performance polyamides from bio renewable resource castor oil. HiPro Polymers owns well-developed know–how of castor oil chemistry, polymerization technology of long chain polyamides and high performance plastics compounding and application technology.

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