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Suzhou HiPro Polymers Co.,Ltd is a leading enterprise specialized in production and marketing of biorenewable high performance po-lyamides from natural resource castor oil. The company owns well-developed know–how of castor oil chemistry, polymerization techn-ology of long chain polyamides and high performance plastics co-mpounding and application technology. Most of product from HiPro Polymers contains 40% ~100% biorenewable resource so it sig-nificantly reduces the dependence on fossil energy...

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Arkema speeds up its development in Asia and in green chemistry with the closing of the acquisition of Hipro Polymers and Casda Biomaterials
  [ 2012.2.3 ]
Suzhou Hipro Polymers Co.Ltd’s Hiprolon®
  Certified By USDA Bio Preferred
  [ 2011.6.23 ]
Suzhou HiPro Polymers Co. Ltd Announced
  capacity expansion
  [ 2011.6.23 ]
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